Amerikan Body Art LIQUID MIXING MEDIUM 14ml

Amerikan Body Art LIQUID MIXING MEDIUM 14ml


This is a liquid mixing medium that can be used with your cosmetic glitter and powders (mica powders, mineral makeup, metallic powders) to create a liquid paint-on or airbrush cosmetic. It contains NO Parabens.

To make a liquid eyeliner, you can wet your brush with the liquid and swipe it on your pressed eyeshadow cake, or mix a drop with loose glitter, eyeshadow or mineral makeup.

To use this for applying glitter eyeliner, dip your brush into the liquid, then dip the wet brush into your loose glitter. Press the brush to the lash line. You may need to do this in multiple steps. If your glitter is clumpy along the lash line, wet the brush again and just use that to smooth out the line.

You can also use this product in a spritzer bottle, as an overall sealer for mineral makeup.

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