Chunky .125 hex RAINBOW FISH (elements fire)

Chunky .125 hex RAINBOW FISH (elements fire)

This is a holographic white glitter that can look golden, red, green, blue or purple, depending on how the light hits it..

This glitter is NOT solvent resistant.

The flakes look white in the bottle/bag, but change with the light.

The particle size is .125" hex, which is the largest glitter size we carry.

You can use cosmetic gel base to stick these to skin or hair. Just apply the gel and then pat on some glitter while the gel is still wet. Or mix the glitter with the gel and apply with a brush.

Available in 2 different containers
3gm small jar $4.00
12gm large screw top container $7.00

Tags: glitter

Type: Glitter

Vendor: Limelight Company

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