ON SALE!! Illusion magazine issue 26

ON SALE!! Illusion magazine issue 26

Another fantastic issue we’ve filled this issue with artists that create images that are incredibly powerful and remain in your memory long after you’ve seen them.

They include:

• John Poppleton. What this man is able to do with UV paint and black light photography can only be described as stunning. Find out about his fascinating journey to become an artist and enjoy his truly gorgeous Bodyscapes.

• Erin Skeen. We can promise you that you will have never seen art like Erin’s. Her Face Lady characters disguise and transform normal facial features such as noses and lips into arms, plants, rugby balls and more!

• Ksenia Dudkina. This Russian-born artist was only given a face painting kit a year ago and yet now runs her own face painting business in France and creates original designs that customers love. Take a look at her inventive mask designs and discover exactly how she got where she is today.

• Sarah Scarer Smith. With a degree in scientific and natural history illustration, it’s no surprise that Sarah’s designs focus on the animal kingdom. But it’s the tiny details that she cleverly uses that give her designs their unique look that’ll will have you itching for your paintbrush.

• Shawna Del Real, Dawn Anderson and Julie Husband. These amazing women all calmly combine successful careers with motherhood. They share their tips on how they manage their hectic lives and what inspires their designs.

And there are of course all the other regular articles that you’ve come to expect from the Illusion team. In this issue we’re delighted to welcome our new Let’s get technical artist – Sophia Leadhill Taylor – as she clearly explains the science behind colour. In his fine art column, Craig Tracy shares his brilliant method of putting a value on your pieces of artwork. And there are plenty of step-by-steps to try, including Margi Kanter’s superb pirate design.

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