CLEARANCE Pop on Nails LIZARD (green iridescent) Lime Crime

CLEARANCE Pop on Nails LIZARD (green iridescent) Lime Crime

24 nails and glue.

A rainbow unicorn party, right at your fingertips.

Chromatic nails of your dreams in just 10 minutes? True story! Easy pop-on set sparkles and shifts in a opalescent dance while feeling completely natural on your hands. Looks unreal in pictures and IRL. Guaranteed to get you mad attention!

Lime Crime to call these "fake nails" because they look so real. Lime Crime have used a special type of plastic that looks, feels & behaves like real nails - but better. (File them like your own and create any shape you want to see what we mean). Extra-strength adhesive holds nails firmly in place, while chrome coating ensures your manicure keeps iridescence for a long time. One size fits most. Glue included!

What they do: Make your nails look extra!

What they won't do: Look or feel fake. Rub off prematurely.

1. Start with clean, buffed, short nails. Wipe nails with acetone to remove excess oil.
2. Select correct size.
3. Apply glue to back of pop on nail and natural nail. For shorter wear, use less glue!
4. Starting at cuticle, press nail on and hold for 10-15 seconds. File the tips for extra smoothness. Voila!