Liquid Bling Sparkle White 1/2 oz

Liquid Bling Sparkle White 1/2 oz

 *new recipe and bottle/ tip

By far the most popular use for Liquid Bling is as an accent for face and body painting. Use it to highlight or outline your designs. Instantly make your designs stand out from average face painting. Small Bling dots look just like little crystals! Liquid Bling comes in a plastic bottle with a built in plastic tip.


message from Amerikan Body Art:

Liquid Bling is made from an aloe gel base and cosmetic glitter.  We try to keep the product as simple and as natural as possible.  We do not add a drying agent, so while it does take a while to dry, we prefer this over adding potentially irritating ingredients.  To speed up drying, squeeze the bottle lightly when applying, so you get a finer line.  You'll get the same artistic impact, using less product, and with a faster drying time.

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