FPA Combo 50gm Kristin Olsson AURORA
FPA Combo 50gm Kristin Olsson AURORA FPA Combo 50gm Kristin Olsson AURORA

FPA Combo 50gm Kristin Olsson AURORA


Essential Lilac

Essential Mint

Essential Lemon Chiffon (a slightly darker version)

Neon Yellow

Essential Pink

colours are positioned length ways in the container to accommodate a perfect fit of the butterfly sponges.


"I fell in love with FPA the very first time I tried them. They have such a wonderful collection of colours that are just beautiful to work with! I was truly honoured when I was asked to collaborate with them, and I am so excited to finally present my very first collection of colours."

"And for those who know my art, you also know how much I love painting flowers. There are so many beautiful colour combinations out there! However I was struggling to fit all the colours on my smaller brushes, and again, my cakes would wear down unevenly. I found myself experimenting with how I could solve this problem, so after a lot of testing and experimenting I came up with the Duo Strokes. Not only are they versatile and beautiful, with different colour combinations depending on which side of the cake you use - you can also use a large brush for a beautiful and unique colour combination." KRISTIN OLSSON


Face Paints Australia (FPA)has been supplying quality face and body make-up to professional face and body artists since 2005. FPA is a highly pigmented, water based paint available in Essential, Metallix and Neon ranges with a large variety of unique vibrant colours.

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