Essential Glitter Balm MAGIC DIMENSIONS by magic mirror PALETTE 25gm

Essential Glitter Balm MAGIC DIMENSIONS by magic mirror PALETTE 25gm

4 colours 25gm
With the BREAKTHROUGH formula used for ESSENTIAL GLITTER'S fabulous glitter blends, you can now paint with confidence knowing our fantastic NON-SMEAR formula is going to enhance your finished look,  WHY is this product SO different from the others?? Look at the ingredients list of the other products (even some long established professional brands) the first ingredient is NOT glitter, so the glitter product is a whole lot more 'product' than 'glitter', and THAT'S the ESSENTIAL difference, we are proud to say the first ingredient is what it should be...... GLITTER!!!!

We blend petroleum jelly with NATURAL beeswax and PURE essential oils to suspend the glitter, and the end result is a highly concentrated, sparkling marvel that is resistant to weather changes, and even better....TIME; hang on time? YES time, because this product does not age, expire, loose it's shine or dehydrate like gel products do, really who wants to have to REFRESH' their glitter? shouldn't it be great from start to finish, WELL now it will be! In addition this also helps with face painters' application time, because these pots can be left out without constantly needing to open and close the jar all the time!
*Yes you can keep your jars open on the job but use common sense, if there is rain, high winds or dust about, your jar of lovely glitter is going to get cruddy pretty quickly. If you are working outdoors, keep the cap on till you're ready to use it.
*Please remember oil gets hot when exposed to too much heat, so whilst this lovely product is tested to handle temperatures from 5 to 50 degrees celsius, if you leave it in direct sunlight or a hot car it is possible that it will liquify, if you live in a very cold area it will get very firm. Please make sure you are mindful of this depending on the common temperatures of your town, state, territory. These pots are recommended to be stored upright if this a risk for you.
*If you do get a bit of melting, put your jar/s in the fridge for 15 minutes and stir after, if your pot gets to cold put it upright in a shallow dish of tap hot water not taller than the lid, with the lid firmly on for 5 minutes and stir after. Repeat if necessary.

*You will note that the jar does not state, "cosmetic grade" glitter. This is because chunky glitter is not considered 'cosmetic' grade it is a "special effects" product and has not been proven safe for application to the eyes, nose, and mouth. Please make sure to be wise with the placement of this product, do NOT put it on any part of the body where it can be harmful.
*Although as face painters we get requests all the time to just bend the rules a little bit for my child, but it's easy to ask on the job "does your child have any allergies?", or "how old are they?". The age limit and ingredients are there to protect you against a parent coming back with a complaint, please familiarise yourself with the list and feel free to copy it down from the jar if need to refer to it on the job.

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