Perlees Lipstick PENNY
Perlees Lipstick PENNY Perlees Lipstick PENNY

Perlees Lipstick PENNY

Long wearing highly pigmented metallic lipstick in a bright copper hue.

Perlees are comfort-wear metallic mattes that give your lips a soft sheen of dusted pearls. Full-coverage, creamy formula clings to skin for prolonged wear so you don't have to reapply every hour, while rosemary extract protects and moisturizes. Throw it on before a night out on the town and keep your lips on-point without the worry of chapped or dry skin! Lush floral packaging looks great in your purse, and reveals a bouquet of rich jewel tones - a real treat for lipstick lovers looking to enhance their collection with something different.

Lime Crime products are PETA verified vegan and Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free. They do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. As part of the Leaping Bunny pledge, their suppliers also certify that no animal testing is ever performed at any point in their supply chain.

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