Wiser Oner, Graffiti Artist and body painter at Limelight Company

Posted on November 16, 2012 by Shopify

What a week we have had at Limelight Company!!

Wiser Oner,  www.wiserbodygraffiti.com/

a Graffiti Artist who discovered face and body painting a number of years ago was at Limelight Company to teach for his "Graffiti Down Under" tour. He had his Perth students whipping up graffiti storms and showed us so many new techniques and designs to use on our face painting/ body painting jobs and projects, I am sure he made a huge impression on all that attended his classes and we can't wait for him to visit Perth the next time he tours Australia. His 3rd day of workshops at Limelight Company was "Fine Art Body Painting" and the results were magnificent, he was very impressed by the Perth painters who attended his workshops and rightfully so.

I know he will be happy to come and visit Limelight Company again to see his "baby". He left a very special piece of artwork on the wall in our workshop space. He wanted a large wall to paint, we had a very large empty wall and the rest is now beautiful history!

If you are in Perth, you really need to come and see it in person, it is stunning.

Thank you Wiser, it was such a pleasure to have you here in Perth, you have left us all busting to paint something and I can't wait to see what projects you have inspired in everyone that took part in your workshops. 

Kyla Morgan owner of Limelight Company quality face and body art supplies.

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